How should we learn to skateboard?

Time:2018-07-18 12:00:00

1. In the early days, when learning to skateboard, you must walk on the wall or walk on the railing so that it does not cause wrestling. This is the most basic way of learning.

2, then you can slowly learn to skate on the single foot, this is a little advanced learning skateboarding method than holding the wall.

3, then go to learn the skateboarding method of the two feet, this can be studied at home or go to the school football field to learn, where the terrain is wide, falling is not easy to cause injuries.

4, then when you have learned the basic skateboard method a little, you can try to slide on the smooth floor, such as in the playground, on the cement board at home, etc., then you can learn, You can slide on the street alone.

Expanding information:

1, exercise balance ability. Skateboarding requires people to have a good balance. The beginner skateboarders are advised to exercise their balance skills and help them learn skateboarding.

2. Learn to skateboard. The first step in skateboarding is to learn to skateboard. The upper skateboard is usually the left foot in front, and then the toe is applied to the right skateboard. For beginners, it is not easy to skateboard. It is necessary to practice more.

3, inertial sliding. After people can skate on the skateboard, they can start to learn to use the inertia to slide. Use your feet to gently squat and then give the skateboard a force to let the skateboard move forward.

4, not afraid of falling. If you want to learn to skateboard faster, don't be afraid to fall and fall. You can learn faster if you try not to fall.

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