Doing these 6 things can make your Mi Gao scooter last longer

Time:2018-07-18 12:00:00

Scooter maintenance six steps

1. Always check the scooter before use.

It is recommended to check whether the clamps, handles, and fixing screws are tightened one by one. If these parts are loose during sliding, the danger is conceivable.

2. Check the wear of the wheel

As the most expensive part of the whole car, the wear of the wheel will directly affect the safety of the taxi. If the wear is too serious, please contact the after-sales customer service for maintenance. Also, make sure the steering lever is in the correct position before sliding and can rotate normally.

3. Very important! Check the brakes

If the brakes do not work properly, please contact customer service for maintenance, please do not continue to use.

4. Use lubricant maintenance on wheel bearings and folding buttons every week

Lubrication and maintenance with three-in-one or similar light motor oil can effectively prevent the bearing from being dry and difficult to rotate, and make the folding button easier to press.

5. Regularly clean the scooter

Wipe the scooter regularly with a wet towel to make it look and feel like new.

6. Regularly check the whole vehicle screws

Check the entire car screws regularly with a hex wrench to see if it is tight.

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