What problems do we need to pay attention to when we play scooters?

Time:2018-07-18 12:00:00

Do not use on general roads (roads).

Before riding, be sure to confirm that each part is loose and the lock lever is locked. Scooters are not toys and should not be used for other purposes other than riding.

For safety reasons, helmets, wristbands, and rubber-soled shoes should be prepared in advance to protect your body. Also, do not wear sunglasses and headphones when playing. At the same time, slippery shoes and high heels are not allowed to wear.

When riding, don't ride in stunts.

Do not use it at night, in the rain, on snowy roads, or in dangerous places such as sand, sand, or potholes. At the same time, please do not drive on high and low undulating roads, frequent vehicles and pedestrians.

The maximum weight limit for scooters is 00 kg. Please do not use if you weigh more than you.

Because scooters are an emerging sport, they are the favorite of children. When children are playing scooters, in addition to wearing safety protective equipment, it is best to be accompanied by parents to avoid dangerous movements. You should also choose a more empty and flat place.

When purchasing a scooter, the material and performance of the scooter should also be considered. The most important thing is that parents should remind the children to pay attention to their own safety, so as to prevent similar accidents from happening again and again, causing unnecessary regrets.

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