Consumers need to choose a practical and safe balance car

Time:2018-07-18 12:00:00

The balance car is compact and easy to carry. It is suitable for use in parks, communities, campuses, etc. It can be said that the balance car is a new trend in modern society. Over the years, the development of the market for balancing cars has grown. At the same time of rapid development, quality problems and safety hazards have become the focus of consumers. So for consumers who like to balance the car, the safety and practicality of the balance car is the most concerned by consumers.

Buying a balance car is not just a brand, but also a reputation of the vast number of consumers, and more importantly, a comprehensive consideration of the overall performance of the balance car. The so-called loss of a thousand miles, the quality of the details determines the overall quality. Compared with the first time consumers who are in contact with the balance car, the following ways can be used to distinguish the quality of the balance car.

1. The first is the mileage of the battery life. The balance car is used as a travel tool for transportation. The quality and safety performance that consumers prefer is because the balance car is convenient. If the cruising range is too short and requires frequent charging, it is not a convenience for the customer but a burden.

2. In the case of a consumer riding a bicycle, step on the balance car and try to keep it in place (the balance car is easy to operate and easy to use, so it is easy to learn), and whether the pedal surface of the car will be shaken back and forth with the sole of the foot. When the perceived response of the balance system is lower than that of the person; the balance car is easy to make the foot fatigue, and the safety of the car is also discounted.

3. It is possible to let the person who will ride the balance car judge through the uphill or downhill slope. If it can be easily stopped and the balance car does not have any abnormal noise, it can be judged that the driving and sensing system performance is stable.

Balance car safety: Safety is also relatively easy to discriminate. Generally, the balance car will have the upper and lower limits. If the balance car's perception of weight is relatively slow, it can be judged that the safety protection measures of the balance car are not perfect. The West Beacon balance car does a good job in terms of safety. When it is detected that the user is overweight or too low, the internal alarm system of the balance car will promptly remind the user to ensure the safety of the user.

Finally, from our personal point of view, there are many types of balance car styles, and there are hand-held foot controls. From the perspective of the consumer groups used, the difficulty of hand-held operation is relatively easy to use, and the foot control is relatively difficult. But no matter which one, more practice and more than repeated multiple times, naturally become skilled.

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